Video: "The Nutty Buddy"

It’s Mark Littell, heretofore famous for serving up Chris Chambliss’s ALCS-winning homer in 1976, now known for eternity as the guy willing to take a fastball directly to the ‘nads. Proof positive, too, of how viral video can help drive the news cycle: The clip’s been available on YouTube for more than a year but it didn’t break big until this week, generating a slew of news stories in the past few days. Compare the lede on this one to the Nutty Buddy website. Memo to the AP: When Littell says he wants to protect “your boys,” he’s not referring to your children.

Sizes range, starting at the large end, from Mongo to The Hog to The Boss to The Hammer to Beta Male.

Update: Yesterday’s viral video is today’s Fox & Friends segment.