Obama leads Hillary in Iowa -- and New Hampshire

Not sure why the CNN poll showing him within one of the Glacier in New Hampshire is getting big press this morning. Rasmussen has him up by three, a 10-point swing in two weeks. He’s currently a 60% favorite on InTrade to take Iowa and an even bet in New Hampshire. And in South Carolina, which Hillary led by double digits a month ago? He’s a 65% favorite. Plus, this from the CNN story. The Oprah factor?

Clinton is now at 31 percent to Obama’s 30 percent. New Hampshire’s primary is set for January 8.

Clinton’s 5-percentage point drop appears to have been largely due to the loss of support among women.

I’m assuming the attacks on Obama have hurt her, although if so she hasn’t learned her lesson yet. With Carville possibly joining the campaign and Billy Jeff acting the alpha male who’s about to get hosed by a bigger alpha, it is, officially, panic time. I’ve noted before how Edwards is killing Obama right now by sucking away leftist voters on an increasingly quixotic upset bid. Under any other circumstances, Obama would/could offer him the vice presidency in exchange for dropping out, but Silky’s already been there and done that. Exit question: Are there any cabinet positions he could offer him instead? Labor secretary, maybe? Silky’s totally unqualified, but then he’s totally unqualified for everything except delivering closing arguments at personal injury trials.

Update: To be clear, not every poll shows Obama leading Hillary in Iowa. In fact, Rasmussen has her up by three points. The two most recent polls before that give him the lead.