Canadian dad imposes fatherly discipline on daughter who refused to wear hijab

If his own 911 call is to be believed, he choked her to death.

Friends at the victim’s school said she feared her father and had argued over her desire to shun the hijab, a traditional shoulder-length head scarf worn by females in devout Muslim families…

The victim’s brother, 26-year-old Waqas Parvez, was also arrested on a charge of obstructing police…

Pal Ebonie Mitchell, 16, and other friends said Aqsa still wore the hijab to school last year, but rebelled against dressing in it this fall.

They said she would leave home wearing the traditional garment and loose clothing, but would often change into tighter garments at school.

She would change back for the bus trip home.

“Sometimes she even changed her whole outfit in the washroom at school,” Mitchell said.

Said one of her father’s co-workers of the suspect, “He was Muslim and very devout, very observant.” Exit question: Is Mark Steyn going to get sued if he writes about this?