Video: Mary Katharine Ham on Oprahbamapalooza; Update: Video fixed

The Hammer seems to think this association could be mutually detrimental, making Obama’s already somewhat fluffy image as light as meringue and turning America’s daily afternoon self-help hour into a tedious series of sermons on why we need to go very, very soft on Iran. Isn’t there … a rather enormous upside, though? Plus, the symbolism of it all is irresistible. Kathy Griffin likes to say that Oprah thinks she’s Jesus, but now she gets to play John the Baptist for a guy with an even bigger messiah complex than she has. All they need is for the Goracle to do a walk-on at one of these events and they’ll have the holy trinity together at last, here to save mankind.

Update: Not sure why the video was coming up as unavailable. It should be fixed now.