Video: The shotgun-equipped robo-copter is now fully operational

I want to love it. I try to love it. But they did such a piss poor job with the demo video that I just can’t get excited about it, no matter how awesomely awesome it is on paper.

Picture it. A close foreground shot of a watermelon perched on a stack of milk cartons set in an otherwise open field. Silence — then, in the distance, a low buzz that grows steadily louder as a dark shape appears on the horizon. Second later it comes into view, swoops sharply down towards the melon, pumps — and pops that sucker like the zombie’s head at the beginning of “Dawn of the Dead.” Dude. Dude.

The problem is eventually Texans would get hold of it and soon there’d be one of these flying patrol over every home east of the Rio Grande.