Meeting of the minds: Ron Paul versus Joy and Whoopi on abortion

Exhibit A on how the show suffers without Rosie: If she had been here, the first question out of the chute would have been about WTC 7. Instead, we got this eye-crosser about abortion followed by a gimme about immigration and then Whoopi asking what we’re going to do about China, to which Paul replied with his customary rhetorical shrug. My favorite part of this one is at the end, where rich actress Kate Walsh asserts that if Roe is overturned only wealthy women in red states will be able to travel to blue states for abortions — bus tickets now apparently being the province of the “wealthy.” That’s a small price to pay, counters Paul, for the reduction in partial-birth abortions, no? To which no reply is forthcoming.

Not a single question about the war. I guess they figured if they’ve got a Republican in their presence, why make nice?

Joy also asks him if he’d endorse any of the other candidates. At this point, I can’t say I blame him for his answer.