The obligatory "Huckabee now within three of Rudy nationally" post

Top of the page at Drudge. Rudy led him by 14 points four days ago; now it’s 20-17, with Huck having gained a bit every day for the past five days.

Note what today’s “gain” consists of, though. Huck’s where he was yesterday. It’s Rudy who’s slipping.


I find it hard to believe that Rudy, the opposite of Huckabee in many ways, is losing voters to him so maybe the expense scandal is starting to cost him. Or maybe it’s fallout from his poor showing at the debate. Any theories?

Can’t wait for the next New Hampshire poll. In the meantime, you may, if you like, use the comments to express your feelings about this turn of events. I suspect Private Hudson speaks for many of us.

Update: Actually, here’s a better clip. I feel like something foreign’s been implanted in the party. And it doesn’t quite fit. – Watch more free videos