Keep hope alive: The surge didn't work, says Reid

Lesser men may cut and run but the only way Battlin’ Harry’s leaving the field of defeat is if he’s carried off. Victory — in next year’s Senate races — is within reach.

This is no time to quit.

Democrats are increasingly bailing on their previously held view that the troop surge in Iraq has been a “failure,” but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid isn’t ready to jump on the bandwagon with other Democrats who say the surge has worked.

The Senate re-opened for business on Monday after a two-week Thanksgiving break, during which key Democrats traveled to Iraq and declared that the surge is working, at least from a security and military perspective. Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.), one the top war critics, stunned fellow Democrats late last week with his statement that “the surge is working,” even though he added that political reconciliation has been lagging. Murtha’s view was backed by Rep. Norm Dicks (D-Wash.), who also said the surge worked after he returned from Iraq.

But Reid, in a Monday press conference, ceded no ground.

“The surge hasn’t accomplished its goals,” Reid said. “… We’re involved, still, in an intractable civil war.”

He vowed in April not to believe any reports of progress, and darned if he hasn’t been as good as gold in keeping that promise.

I ask you: Is a man’s word worth nothing anymore?