Video: Huckabee gets a phone call from God

Thus proving that there are indeed phone calls important enough to interrupt a speech for.

Witness Huck here at his best and worst. The clip comes from our libertarian web maestro, Mark Jaquith, who offers it as a microcosm of Huckabee’s idea of government: in Mark’s words, “one big faith-based initiative.” And yet, he pulls it off. Fluidly delivered, as always, and sprinkled with humor, it goes down as smooth as a spoonful of sugar. The rest of the GOP’s top tier all have their tics and weaknesses when debating, but I can’t find one significant flaw in Huck’s approach when he’s at the mic. We’re lucky the debates are almost finished; two or three more months of this while momentum’s starting to build and he might have run away with it.