Audio: Michelle talks CNN, plantmania with Andrew Wilkow; Update: Two more plants?

So many questions. Did CNN know? Does it matter? And isn’t it true that Reid and Pelosi would be firing off nutroots-appeasing press releases if the shoe here was on the other foot?

Another question, from our old pal Ian Schwartz: How likely is it that a John Edwards supporter would turn up in one of CNN’s “Republican” focus groups? And still another question from ace tipster RLW: Does the unusual number of questions from Democrats have anything to do with CNN, um, openly soliciting questions from Democrats several months ago? Remember? And please note: That screencap was made on August 13, three weeks after the Democratic YouTube debate. They weren’t looking for questions for Hillary Clinton.


Update: No one gets this unlucky. The irony is, by wide acclaim, the debate was solid last night. It ends up being less an argument for not letting Democrats ask questions of Republicans than for letting Republicans also ask questions of Democrats.