Too dumb to check: Yale Taliban a member of Facebook group for Obama supporters

An ex-member, actually. He claims he left because some of the other members objected to him (on the merits or for publicity purposes, one wonders) but I prefer the alternate explanation. He also insists he had “no political intentions” in joining. Maybe he’s one of those Facebook users who’s just in it to connect with chicks?

What’s stupidest, a Taliban spokesman (a) cruising Facebook, (b) belonging to a group called “Jews and Muslims at Yale,” (c) accusing Americans of making political decisions based on prejudice and parochialism?

[G[uessing from my experiences in America I don’t think he is going to be a strong leader who could bring important changes. Because, I think as a black man, with a muslim name that is similar to Osama, and a foreign born father he is not going gain the confidence of the core white Americans. I know some liberals support him. But liberals are usually shaky–not– die-hards as the conservatives.

2 to 1 says this quote ends up being linked approvingly at the Daily Dish as evidence that, unlike those nasty Christianists, “even the Taliban” recognizes Obama is the rational choice.

Incidentally, he’s … still at Yale? I thought he’d been Talibanned, but apparently that decision only disqualified him from the degree program.