New ads: McCain loves America, Huckabee loves God

Chuck Norris is a tough act to follow, which is why for ad number two Huck’s gone straight to the top. Ambinder thinks his line about policies and principles is aimed at Rudy; I think Rudy’s more the pretext here and the real target is Fred, whose federalist approach to abortion is sharply different from Huck’s. (Or is it?) I suspect ad number three will touch on this crowd-pleaser. But what about when he starts talking about domestic policy? Does he dare promote his, er, Silkier side? People are, after all, beginning to talk.

As for Mac, anything missing here from the list of constituencies enraged by his righteous policy proposals? There’s a certain issue I’m thinking of. Let’s see if you can guess. Here’s a hint: It single-handedly destroyed his candidacy.