Hillary prays for "empowerment" in Iowa

Unless I missed something, the whole angle here is that she used a shopworn PC feminist buzzword in a petition to the Almighty. Except that it wasn’t she who used it, it was part of the group prayer, and it wasn’t being used in a feminist sense. Which means there’s not much of an angle.

Although it is useful as a reminder that it’s not just Christian conservatives who occasionally lapse into policy talk from the pulpit.

Rev. Jill Flyr, associate pastor, read from the book of John and gave a sermon about the importance of supporting those who can’t help themselves. Clinton nodded when the pastor read off some statistics, such as 35 percent of Iowa children are part of low income families, and added 45,000 children in Iowa are without health care.

“We should be outraged by these numbers,” Flyr said, encouraging the congregation to work toward changing public policy to fund “high quality preschool” for disadvantaged children. She said health care and education should not just be for children from “well-to-do” families.

Pass HillaryCare. Jesus would want you to.

I suppose the other angle is the curious concept of Christians praying for empowerment. To a casual observer (i.e. me) it seems hard to square that with the idea of the meek inheriting the earth, but then “empowerment” can mean many things. In fact, this British Methodist church is handing it out like cupcakes at a birthday party. Exit question: What’s so funny ’bout peace, love, understanding, and “empowerment” in church?

Update: I’m guessing Jesus wants you to support Chris Dodd too.