Video: "Green Team"

Will Ferrell goofing on environuts? What’s not to like? A lot, actually. You’ll recognize John C. Reilly as one of the other guys here; the third is Adam McKay, who co-wrote and directed Ferrell in “Anchorman.” You might think the minds behind a comedy classic would be able to do better than this, even as a tossed-off half-assed improv exercise, but as I’ve said once before, those who’ve sat through “Wake Up, Ron Burgundy” will know better what kind of signal-to-noise ratio to expect. If WURB didn’t come with your DVD of “Anchorman,” just try listening to the movie’s commentary track instead. Two funny guys telling stories about shooting a highly improvised film with so many other quality comedians should make for 90 minutes of dynamite, right? Cue it up and see for yourself. You won’t last 20 minutes.

The language gets zesty about halfway through so please observe this, your official content warning.