New ads: "Leadership" versus "Family"; Update: Nosferatu comparison added!

Good enough for a Monday morning. “Leadership” is the latest from Rudy, enjoying his freedom from the social-con derby between Fred, Mitt, and Huck by pushing his signature quality. Just like in the last ad, they’ve got him lit like Nosferatu. And just like in the last ad, he goes out of his way to remind social cons he’s not perfect. Are the biographical spots really the best use of his campaign dollars? Frankly, in Rudy’s case, the less Americans know about him, the less tarnished his 9/11 halo is. If I were him, I’d be working to show I’m not a one-trick pony by putting out substantive ads on health-care and immigration.

Reminding us that they are sort of perfect are the Romneys, back again for one of Mitt’s patented cheesy family ads. I like him better when he’s attacking but this sort of thing helps him against the famously dysfunctional Rudy, I guess, so he’s obliged. The curious thing about some of Mitt’s spots are how stilted they are, even while always being slickly produced. One example was that backyard jihad spot; now this. What exactly is going on here? Mitt and Ann, after a dinner party, telling the guests to huddle up so they can share a bit of impromptu parenting advice?

Update: Thanks to reader Michael P. for this dumb yet funny side by side comparison.


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