Video: Bob Novak on the Obama scandal that Hillary politely refuses to break; Update: It may be the Tony Rezko rumor, says John Fund

He insists, contra Clinton’s spokesman, that his information does indeed come (second-hand) from her supporters, not from the GOP. Assuming it’s true and Hillary has something on him, Obama’s insurance policy here is Silky. The three of them are bunched sufficiently closely in Iowa that any dirty bomb she sets off against Obama is likely to irradiate her too, letting Edwards skip down the primrose path to victory. Look on the bright side, though: if Obama pulls an upset, this news will most definitely be breaking before New Hampshire. Which leads one to wonder what dirt on her he might be keeping safely tucked away for just such an occasion.

Exit question: Assuming he does have something on her, will he use it if she wins Iowa and New Hampshire? It would tend to muddy his sunny “audacity of hugs” message or whatever.

Update: Zzzzzzzzz.

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