Structure Magazine helpfully explains how fire can melt steel

The magical secret: It doesn’t have to actually melt the steel. All it has to do is weaken the steel in one critical column in a building constructed a certain way, and down she comes. The nuts and bolts appear on page 3 but here’s the bottom line for the benefit of MM’s “friends” and any Ron Paul supporters who might be stopping by tonight:

The images accompanying this article are taken from a CBS News Archives video to show key points observed during the collapse. As seen in the photos, a kink develops in the east penthouse before it falls into the building. The west penthouse then fails, followed by a kink in the entire facade of the building. Total collapse follows.

This sequence of events, with roof elements sinking into a building with an intact facade, suggests an interior failure. An interior failure would explain the appearance of a “controlled” collapse with a relatively small debris field, as seen with WTC 7.

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