Video: Behar, after calling Michelle a "bitch," objects to the McCain "bitch" video

I present to you the ultimate nuance. And proof, perhaps, of a divine creator: I prayed the other day that this moronic incident would trickle up to “The View” and so it has, my friends, so it has.

Here’s the clip from Bill Maher’s show of Behar expressing her unique brand of female solidarity with MM. It’s not wholly clear from the 100 seconds that follow what her objection is to McCain: at an earlier point in the show she excused the View-ettes’ friendly use of “bitch” by saying, “It’s different when a man uses it” — or, in McCain’s case, endorses it by not objecting loudly enough when it’s used in his presence. Which I guess means Maher, not Joy, is the guilty party in the “Real Time” clip. But watch what she says to Sherri Shepherd about the word being a “personal assault” when it’s used by one “adversary” against another. Where does that leave you vis-a-vis MM, Joyless?

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