New HuffPo comedy site shows the wingnuts how it's done

They call it 23/6, I call it “Surnow’s Revenge.” Like Ace says, remember when lefty bloggers used the (admittedly underwhelming) “Half-Hour News Hour” as a Teachable Moment about how conservatives could never be as funny as liberals? Feast your eyes on this. For extra Funny, imagine Jon Stewart mugging grotesquely after reading each store listing aloud.

Lest we be too uncharitable, though, check out the cheap but effective videos of kids goofing on Silky and Hillary Clinton. An adorable four-year-old moppet — accusing the Glacier of being a man? Resistance is futile.

They’re going for an Onion-y feel with the written content but watch this and see for yourself how comparatively dull their blade is. It’s the opposite of 23/6: Instead of tame and lame, it’s sharp — and repulsive.

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David Strom 3:21 PM on March 24, 2023