Video flashback: Fat Huckabee gorges on taxes

Portrait of a man qualified to model for Leonard Nimoy. It’s Huck, back before he added health issues to his nanny-state repertoire and was still doing his part to wreck the rides at Disneyland. Aside from his shape, there are no surprises here: the man’s a devoutly religious Democrat, basically, so watching him beg for a tax hike isn’t exactly out of character.

As usual with these ancient oppo research clips, it’s the only video credited to the account of whoever uploaded it. Your exit question, then: Which camp is responsible for digging it up? I assumed (with no evidence) that it was Mitt’s, just because of the Dobson rumors that were floating around last week, but more than one campaign has been circulating it via e-mail this morning. Maybe they know something we don’t and are trying to get out in front of the news cycle? Hmmm.

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