Video: HamNation presents Masterpeep Theater

The third in a series. I ask you, is the body-language segment on the Factor really more edifying than this? Or the Great American Trivia challenge, or whatever that segment is with Doocy and Martha MacCallum? Five minutes of the Hammer dissecting the political week that was through a pantomime involving marshmallow birds could be just what America needs this campaign season. I know Fox people read this site. Make it happen.

My favorite is the Hillary peep. Speaking of which, Her Majesty declared this afternoon that you can go right ahead and dial up the heat in that kitchen because, you see, she’s “very much at home in the kitchen.” (Another gender pander, hint hint.) Exit question: If she likes the heat up high, how come she won’t knock off her insufferable whining? Click the image to watch.


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