Ron Rosenbaum: LA Times is sitting on a major sex scandal involving a "leading" candidate

When the news is slow, we turn to rumor. I linked this in the debate thread last night but it’s interesting enough to warrant its own thread, especially on a dull morning. Let’s see if we can apply some collective intelligence. The only clues are that it involves a “leading” candidate and this:

Now, as I say it’s a rumor; I haven’t seen the supporting evidence. But the person who told me said it offhandedly as if everyone in his world knew about it. And if you look close enough you can find hints of something impending, something potentially derailing to this candidate in the reporting of the campaign. Which could mean that something unspoken, unwritten about is influencing what is written, what we read.

Kaus says he senses something like that too but he also seems not to know what Rosenbaum’s talking about. Ace has some theories but one of his guest-bloggers thinks it’s all crap. If, as Rosenbaum asserts, everyone in the media already knows about it, why hasn’t it leaked? The one thing most people seem to agree on is that it’s probably a Democrat or else the Times wouldn’t be agonizing over publishing it. I think that’s far too cute and easy an assumption; even if they’re diabolically partisan, they have to consider the flak they’ll take from conservatives as being DNC tools and hatchet men if they publish. Not that they’re not used to that sort of thing, but it’ll be much heavier than usual.

I’ve got my own (uninformed) hunch but I won’t say what it is. Suffice it to say, I don’t think it’s a Democrat and I do think Ace is on the right track with one of his scenarios.

Update: After looking around a bit this afternoon, I change my mind. I think it is a Democrat. And it’s as juicy as Rosenbaum says.

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David Strom 6:01 PM on March 29, 2023