Video: The Messiah has his saxophone moment

Reminiscent of Clinton’s famous turn at the bandstand on Arsenio during the 1992 campaign. Charming, lighthearted, but also a shrewd way to communicate hipness, which, as I’ve written before, is a political asset that the left guards jealously. You can see how it works by asking yourself who the GOP’s “hippest” candidate is. Unquestionably it’s Ron Paul, a neat trick for the oldest man in the field whose strident libertarianism doesn’t easily lend itself to those “rEVOLution” banners that follow him around. How did Paul become hip? By being anti-war, a stance that’s inherited a certain amount of cultural cachet from the left and which he shares with most young voters. Alas for him, while it’s an asset, it’s not an especially valuable one: if it was, the Messiah wouldn’t be looking up at Hillary from 20 points down. Click the image to watch.


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