Paul campaign's "payment" to Alex Jones was a partial refund of his donation

Duly noted and duly corrected. You’ll find the disbursement here about three-quarters of the way down. I could have done without the insinuations of laziness (“bloggers can’t be bothered to do five minutes of research”), especially when bloggers are credited in the same post for having discovered the donation from Don Black — can the campaign “not be bothered” to police for that sort of thing, given their unsolicited yet rising support among white supremacists? — but kudos to Paul for returning, well, not quite all of Alex Jones’s filthy $2,300 but a good-sized chunk of it. The first step is always the hardest.

As for Paul’s relationship with Jones:

I fear that Paul isn’t about to denounce Jones, and it’s a shame. When Paul made his most recent appearance on Jones’s radio show, I asked the candidate’s spokesman why he continues to associate with Jones. I detected some quiet frustration in his answer that Paul had promised the interview and that he keeps his word in such matters. Considering that Jones’s entire operation exploits gullible people willing to believe anything about 9/11, he might want to consider making fewer such promises in the future.

Indeed. Or none at all, even. Between that, his fears of a new Gulf of Tonkin incident in the Persian Gulf to precipitate war with Iran, and his warnings about the plans for a North American Union (replete with new Amero currency), people might start to get it in their heads that he’s a crank.

To make amends, I offer the Paul campaign a bit of free advertising. Here’s New Hamphire ad number two, a vast improvement over New Hampshire ad number one.

Update: One other point from Freddoso’s post. What does this mean?

The “payment” to Jones (and yes, it is that same Jones) was not a payment at all, but a partial refund of Jones’s $2,300 contribution. It is clearly marked as such, if you look in the right place on the electronic FEC forms. Paul’s spokesman said he put a line in to the campaign treasurer when he noticed it being discussed on the blogosphere, but that’s the answer he’s going to get.

Does that mean he didn’t notice they’d received a contribution from Jones until he heard bloggers talking about it? Or that he didn’t notice that it might be a problem until he heard bloggers talking about it? I’m guessing the latter. If Paul had some strong objection of his own to Jones and his money, he wouldn’t be appearing on his radio show.

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David Strom 9:21 PM on March 24, 2023