Muslim prisoners to sue Brits for offering them ham sandwiches during Ramadan

I expect the conservatism of doubt will be weighing in on this shortly to declare it the newest front in the battle against torture.

The mix-up was said to have happened after prisoners were given their special nightly menus and they saw that one of the options was a ‘boiled ham sandwich’. Any variant of pork is strictly forbidden according to Muslim teachings.

After complaining to wardens, the prisoners were told the menus were a mistake. Many ordered cheese sandwiches instead, but some claimed they were still delivered ham sandwiches and ended up eating them because they were so hungry.

It was reported that lawyers estimated each inmate could receive as much £10,000 compensation if the claim is proved. Tax payers will end up footing the bill.

However the the Ministry of Justice said that the menu had been incorrectly printed, but denied that any of the prisoners were forced to eat ham.

“It was a breach of my human rights,” declared one inmate. “I want compensation.” He’s not kidding: the claims, all told, are for £2 million. Obvious exit question: Prisoners go on hunger strikes all the time. If they had such a problem, why didn’t they just skip dinner for a night or throw out the ham and eat the bread?

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