Video: Michelle on "Wildfire Derangement Syndrome"

They held her for two segments this morning, the first devoted to the racial demagoguery being used to spin Hillary’s dirty dishwasher donations, the second to the media’s demagoguery in blaming the wildfires on its two pet causes, the Iraq war and global warming. (With little success.) Somehow I missed this magical moment between Governor Ahnuld and ABC’s Claire Shipman, whose quest for a scapegoat won’t let her take no for an answer. Watch it now if you missed it too. It’s golden.

As for MM’s momentary disorientation at the beginning (which she herself jokes about near the end), it’s a little known fact that there are no “morning persons” among the Hot Air team. She recovered quickly and expertly, of course, but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that her answer to Steve’s surprise question about McCain’s ad was a shot in the dark. Did she really see the ad or was she just winging it? Stay tuned to the comments as the mystery is revealed.

Exit question: Doocy doesn’t really read Hot Air and think it’s “fantastic,” does he? I think he was winging that, too.

Update: Mystery solved below!

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