Good news: Obama's administration may feature Gore in "very senior capacity"

Consider this pot sweetened. Well, he did say he wants to bring about the Kingdom on earth. My only question: Which of them gets to be Jesus?

After listening to Obama address a crowded community center Wednesday, a voter asked him to consider naming Gore as his running mate before the nomination is decided “as a way to take the wind out of Hillary’s sails.”

The voter even proposed a campaign slogan: “Obama and Gore: Experience and Youth. Obama and Gore: Wisdom and Truth.”

Not so fast, came Obama’s reply.

The Illinois senator said Gore would be involved in his administration in a “very senior capacity, if he’s willing” but joked: “I will also be honest with you: having won the Nobel Peace Prize and an Oscar, being vice president again would probably be a step down for him.”

I wonder if Obama suspects that Gore’s going to endorse the Glacier and this is his attempt to try to woo him away. The Goracle was embarrassed four years ago when he endorsed Dean early on and saw him implode in the primaries. He’ll be more inclined to back a sureshot this time, although unlike most pols, his cachet among the left is such that there’s no risk of him being frozen out of positions of influence if he backs the wrong horse. I’ve seen rumors that Gore’s leaning towards Edwards, which makes sense given Edwards’s status as the “authentic” leftist candidate and Gore’s alleged animosity towards Hillary. Edwards is going nowhere, though, so Obama probably figures he can be Manbearpig’s compromise choice.

Speaking of Manbearpig, anyone see South Park last night?

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