Video: Wildfire victims getting what's coming to them, says Carlin

No need for grandiose outrage here. He’s been saying stuff like this for decades. In fact it’s a core part of his act, which is why he’s allowed to skate. I offer the clip not as fodder for indignation but because it’s a nice little window into Carlin’s persona: the bitter hippie, broken-hearted by the failure of the 60s, whose idealism has since decayed into a cynicism so black and weary that revanchist, schadenfreudean sentiments like this now escape his lips without the slightest stutter. And of course it’s all paired with the most touchy feely, cringemaking New Age back-to-the-land nonsense about being “in balance with nature” the way the Indians are. Thus the paradox of the malignant self-styled humanist: We need to join hands and tap into the spiritual creatures within — and if we don’t, then he hopes your house burns down.

I’m giving you the clip of his interview with Olbermann too (he thinks “Countdown” is the best show evah, don’t you know) so you can better appreciate his nature boy affectation. He uses the “cell phone that makes pancakes” line, which is itself a recycling of his old line about “sneakers with lights in them,” in both clips so he’s obviously proud of it. And why wouldn’t he be? It’s both anti-materialist and nonconformist, the cardinal virtue in Carlin’s morality. Everyone’s a sheep, everyone’s a follower, blindly obeying the great They that keeps us all in line. All except him, of course. And that nutroots imagining of Edward R. Murrow sitting across the desk from him.

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