Noted disaster management expert unimpressed with handling of wildfires

Politico’s headline-writer opts for the easy joke. The big A is above such things.

Michael D. Brown, former chief of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, told WJLA-TV reporter Rebecca Cooper in an exclusive interview Wednesday that the administration has not recognized how much of a “problem” it has with disaster response since so many National Guard troops are in war zones.

He did not directly criticize the White House response to the fires.

“The White House needs to recognize that we are overstretched and that there is a problem,” Brown said in a telephone interview. “They need to increase the size of the regular Army and stop relying so much on the National Guard.”…

Brown’s successor as FEMA chief, R. David Paulison, defended the National Guard’s strength when asked about it Wednesday morning during a series of television interviews from Los Angeles.

“I have not seen an issue with the Guard,” he said on CBS News’ “The Early Show.” “In fact, they’re moving a lot of National Guards in here on the ground.”

Exit question: Can the incarnate symbol of incompetent cronyism, famous for wondering “Can I quit now?” as Katrina was descending on New Orleans, leverage his war criticism into a little left-wing rehabilitation? David Brock, call your office!

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David Strom 9:21 PM on March 24, 2023