Video: Self-parodic anti-war movie trailer of the day

We can’t judge the film (well, we can judge it a little) but we can certainly judge the trailer. Not a blessed thing here will surprise you, from the ironic bravado of the whispered chant at the beginning to the thrash war montage to the slo-mo for the idyllic return home to the melodrama of our hero coming to realize what’s Right and what’s Wrong. The one exception: the flashes of text (“You Gave Everything”), which make the film’s grievance agenda unusually plain. Typically they’re not that overt, although given how heavy handed these things to be, they might as well be.

They missed the golden age of harrowing, “what was it all for, man” anti-war filmmaking after Vietnam, and now they will. not. be. denied. Click the image to watch.


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David Strom 6:01 PM on March 29, 2023