Video: Depression strikes HamNation

Never has the term “blue” been more fitting. MK read the news today, oh boy, and it sent her into a spiraling funk worthy of the big A himself. She’s recovered now for reasons that will soon become clear, but I haven’t quite roused myself to join her. Yes, it’s true that the election is shaping up to be closer than it might be if the Democrats were shrewder about their nominee, but it’s the rare campaign that prevails running on little more than how awful the other guy is — which, let’s face it, is where we’re heading after the primaries. Waffles tried that strategy in 2004 and still couldn’t surf a toxic tidal wave of Bush-hatred on the left to victory. If this really is our secret weapon for next year then the Hammer had better stock up on Edy’s. Click the image to watch.


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