Report: Reid urges people to bid on Rush's letter? Update: And the winner is...

Well, I take it back, then: if this is true then Reid obviously feels he’s lost enough face that he has to pretend now that he’s “in on the joke.” Was anyone watching C-SPAN this morning and can confirm K-Lo’s report?

I’ve got to step away for a few hours but it’s worth tuning in to Rush and listening as bidding approaches the finish line. The auction ends at 1 p.m.; I’m hoping against hope that he’ll reveal the name of the winner, mainly so that we can all start begging him or her for a few thou in seed money for the righty blogosphere. Feel free to treat this as an open thread. And if you hear something clipworthy, let us know. We’re recording.

With 23 minutes to go, the bidding stands at $2,100,100.

Update: The bids plus Rush’s match topped $4 million. Video of the winning moment is on the way.

Update: Here it is.


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