Brownback's out

Thus ends one of the more dismal campaigns in recent memory, from his aggressive religious pandering to his infamous reversal during the amnesty vote to yesterday’s last pathetic gasp for attention. He was finished after Huckabee topped him for second place at the Ames straw poll a few months ago; they’re just disconnecting the life support now.

Fred and Mitt are the momentary beneficiaries of an extra 1% of social cons now suddenly up for grabs. Marc Ambinder thinks this is an opportunity for Rudy to make a deal with Brownback for his endorsement to gain a little extra cred with the religious right, but how many hardcore Christian conservatives in Sam’s tent are going to back the pro-choice candidate even on their man’s say so? And especially after rhetoric like this? The best he can likely do for Rudy is say he’ll hold his nose and vote for him if he faces Hillary in the general.

In memoriam of his campaign, I present to you the moment for which he’ll forever be remembered. Fare thee well, Switchback.

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David Strom 6:01 PM on March 29, 2023