Audio: Michelle talks Frost and SCHIP with John Gibson

It wasn’t hard to see how the SCHIP “debate” would go after this near-parody of the left’s victim fetish hit YouTube two weeks ago. I’m waiting now for the inevitable GOP response ad featuring an Iraqi kid, an American flag in one hand and a big rainbow lollipop in the other, begging Nancy Pelosi please not to take the nice soldiers who are protecting him away. Here’s MM chatting with Gibby about the last 10 days or so and what it’s like to receive the Enlightened Finger-Wag of Shame simultaneously from every last nut in Nutrootsville. I recommend re-reading this old post before you listen so that you might better appreciate how coolly dispassionate are our leftist superiors in advocating their policy positions.

Gallup’s got a new poll out today on SCHIP, incidentally. As in all things, the public trusts Congress more than Bush. But ask them about the particulars of the competing plans and how interestingly do the numbers change…

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David Strom 9:21 PM on March 24, 2023