Video flashback: "I'm really not" a Republican mayor, says Rudy; Update: "Major endorsement" tomorrow for Rudy? Update: Texas Gov. Perry to endorse Rudy?

From 1996. Newsflash: Rudy used to be more liberal while mayor of NYC but has tacked back to the right on issues like gun rights and immigration for his presidential bid. Film at 11. There are endless clips of Mitt in this vein too. Either you believe that they’re closet liberals who are perpetrating a grand fraud on the base in the secret hope that they’ll be elected and can enact their left-wing agenda, or you believe they’ll do whatever they need to in order to get elected, including becoming stalwart conservatives (on most but not all issues in Rudy’s case) and sticking to those values while in office to preserve their viability for a second term. I’m in the latter camp. It ain’t ideal but it beats Hillary.

Now, someone explain to me why a campaign that’s flush with donations can’t provide video of its candidate’s appearances. Exit question: Given that this was handed to TPM instead of to Marc Ambinder or Mark Halperin or some less partisan news source, is it safe to assume that it came from the Democrats? Click the image to watch.


Update: Rudy’s last “major endorsement,” which everyone thought would be Mark Sanford, turned out to be Tommy Thompson, but he’s promising an even more major one tomorrow. Any guesses?

Update: Right of Texas says tomorrow’s “major endorsement” will come from Dubya’s successor, Texas Gov. Rick Perry. That’s nice and it’ll help him in the south.