Video: Ayaan Hirsi Ali addresses the Atheist Alliance International conference

A bit disappointing, especially if you’re expecting something in the Hitchens vein. She reserves her prepared remarks for an autobiographical retelling, which is worthwhile if you don’t know her story and redundant if, like most of our readers, you do. Stick with the Q&A in the second clip — in particular, the question from James Randi at 27:55 about whether its shrewder to subvert Islam from without, as Hirsi Ali does, or within, as Irshad Manji prefers; the question at 8:53 about whether she spends too much time criticizing Islam vis-a-vis the other religions; and the question at 6:37 about why she thinks the Secular Islam summit earlier this year went largely unreported in the mainstream media. She answers the last one by claiming she really doesn’t know, a surprising response from a woman who lives under armed guard because of her public apostasy. Does she really not have an inkling as to why media organizations might be reluctant to hype a gathering of Muslim heretics? CNN whited out that Mohammed drawing for a reason.

It’s nice to see her enjoying herself so much, though. Richard Dawkins concludes the proceedings by standing up and announcing his intention to nominate her for the Nobel Peace Prize. If anything can redeem that award, that would.