Noted Christianist: God wants us to offset our carbon emissions

It’s been a long journey but with this, in the great gun-to-my-head, if-I-had-to-choose Obama vs. Hillary hypothetical, I’m finally ready to pull the lever for the Glacier. Cometh the Kingdom:

“Our faith informs our values, and I think we’d all agree that our values inform our politics more than they have over the last six years,” the Illinois senator said at an interfaith forum in downtown Des Moines.

Obama said that too often religious leaders use faith to “exploit what divides us” by saying that the only issues that matter are abortion, gay marriage, school prayer, and intelligent design…

He said there are other challenges that can unite people of faith, one of them being the issue of climate change.

“The bible tells us that when God created the earth, he entrusted us with the responsibility to take care of that earth,” he said. “It is a responsibility to ensure that this planet remains clean and safe and livable for our children, and for all of God’s children.”

“Science has made it undeniably clear that our generation is not living up to this responsibility.”

The nice thing about the left finding religion is that it forces each side to stand in the other’s traditional shoes when nonsense like this is floated. The right’s been playing the “God says” game for years, just as the left’s been bristling at it as an appeal to authority that inappropriately injects religion into a policy debate. And now, criss cross. Exit question: On which pressing policy matter will Obama next look to the Word for guidance? (Exit answer: Not gay marriage.)

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