Nostrils: The story about me investigating Limbaugh and Hannity is a lie

I warned ye! Didn’t I warn ye? From Waxman’s Oversight Committee website:

On October 8, 2007, the American Spectator printed a fictitious story alleging that Congressman Waxman and the House Oversight Committee were investigating conservative and Republican talk show radio programs.

The American Spectator report is completely false and was written without any documentation or attribution. There is not now nor has there ever been any investigation of this subject. But even though there is no truth to the story, the hoax has been repeated on Fox News (transcript below) and several blogs (Family Research Council, Instapundit, ).

The American Spectator should immediately retract its report and apologize for the confusion its fictitious report has caused. Moreover, anyone concerned about the false reporting should contact the American Spectator at (703)807-2011 to register your views.

AmSpec is standing by its story. Question: If it’s true, why would Waxman deny it? He’s the left’s darling, subpoena-wielding Republican dragonslayer; this sort of thing would only endear him to them more. Maybe he’s leery about spilling the beans on bringing Fairness back ahead of whatever carefully scheduled, gradual rollout the Dems’ strategists have planned? But in that case, why start investigating Rush and Hannity now, even surreptitiously? There’ll be plenty of time for it later.

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