Video: Rudy smacks Paul over 9/11; Update: Full exchange added

A little payback for that episode on the ferry. K-Lo asks a good question. Has America’s Greatest Patriot really been so blinkered by his Truther entourage that he believes 9/11 had “nothing to do with a country”? It would seem so. How come he voted for this, then?

Update: I replaced the clip with an extended cut showing Romney’s and Paul’s responses to the same question about congressional approval for an attack on Iran. Mitt’s getting lambasted at the Corner for his point about attorneys, a line so weak that even Paul scored off it in following up. Rudy’s being challenged by the media, meanwhile, on his claim that 23 plots have been foiled since 2001. We’ll hear more about that tomorrow, I’m sure.

Update: Tough day for Paul supporters.

Update: Rudy’s staff moved fast to produce the numbers — 14 domestic plots, 10 abroad.


Update: Romney’s camp e-mails to object that I didn’t include his full answer. I don’t think it changes the context or people’s problems with his remark about attorneys, but for the record here it is:

ROMNEY: You know, we’re going to let the lawyers sort out what he needed to do and what he didn’t need to do. But, certainly, what you want to do is to have the agreement of all the people — leadership of our government as well as our friends around the world where those circumstances are available. But the key thing here is to make sure we don’t have to use military action against Iran. That’s what you hope to be able to do and that’s why we’re going to put a lot tougher sanctions on Iran — economic sanctions, credit sanctions.

We’re also going to have to get serious about treating Ahmadinejad like the rogue and buffoon that he is. And it was outrageous for the United Nations to invite him to come to this country. It was outrageous for Columbia to invite him to speak at their university. This is a person denied the Holocaust, a person who has spoken about genocide, is seeking the means to carry it out.

And it is unacceptable to this country to allow that individual to have he control of launching a nuclear weapon. And so we will take the action necessary to keep that from happening. And I think each person on the stage, certainly in my case, I would make sure that we would take the action necessary to keep Iran from having a nuclear weapon.

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