Video: It's the most wonderful time of the year!

When A-Rod is smelling
And Steinbrenner’s yelling
And Jeter’s in teeeeears
It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

I’m tempting fate by celebrating before the series is clinched but the big A’s getting all kinds of good vibrations about a glorious sweep — at Yankee Stadium — on Sunday. I may go out and buy a broom especially for the occasion. They haven’t had a donut hung on them in the postseason since 1980, when George Brett went upper deck on Goose Gossage in the Bronx to seal Game Three of the ALCS. Your plot lines for the weekend: Can the Tribe handle the pressure? Will the Rocket have one last big-game hurrah before he rides off into the sunset? Are we about to see A-Rod cement his reputation as the biggest choke artist in postseason history? 0-for-6 for the series thus far with three strikeouts tonight, including a huge whiff with a man on to end the ninth. That’s if you’re keeping score at home. Which I am.

I’m not saying that that plague of mini-locusts that descended in the eighth inning made me believe in God. But I’m not saying that it didn’t, either. Click the image to rejoice.