41 Democrats boldly condemn Rush for saying something he didn't say; Update: Yet another VoteVets ad smears Rush

How often does the left get to accuse the right of not supporting the troops, huh? This is as close as they’re going to get; they saw their opportunity and they took it. Frankly, I’m impressed that Reid managed to avoid indulging his inclination towards censorship. Although with Wes Clark around to pick up the slack, I guess he didn’t have to.

Hey, aren’t there 50 Democrats in the Senate and 51 if you count Liebs? Yup. Here are the 10 who politely declined to put their names to this pathetic smear:

Evan Bayh
Jeff Bingaman
Maria Cantwell
Russ Feingold
Tim Johnson
Herb Kohl
Joe Lieberman
Claire McCaskill
Ben Nelson
Mark Pryor

McCaskill continues to be a pleasant surprise and Pryor deserves special recognition since he’s up for reelection next year and has already been a bit more hawkish on Iraq than the nutroots would prefer. It took balls and integrity to take a pass on a cheap score like this.

Exit question: What on earth is Russ Feingold doing there?

Update: Clear Channel CEO Mark Mays politely invites Reid and co. to get bent.

Update: Wielding the absolute moral authority of the Purple Heart, Iraq veteran Brian McGough also requests — nay, demands — an apology for something Rush never said.