Fort Liberty, We Have a Problem

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My goodness, but the terror briefings sure have changed since I was in.

Well...duh. Because there weren't any.

But there were always bad guys and man, oh, man - the names on that list have really morphed over the decades.


Bases have a tough row to hoe, especially ones that are bigger - like Fort Liberty (formerly Ft Bragg) - or open to the public, like my own hometown's NAS Pensacola. Balancing access against threats is a delicate task.

Our sleepy little home of Naval Aviation and the Blue Angels was the subject of a terror attack that came not with a visitor's pass, but with a military ID card. All the gate guard training in the world didn't do a thing against a Saudi flight student with a weapon in a base classroom.

Coming through the gates on any installation, one is subject to scrutiny appropriate to the venue and, frankly, the risk factor you resemble. There's no getting around the fact that certain categories of true believers are more prone to episodes of probing, violence, and terrorism attempts than others, and it behooves base security to maintain their training on who those groups are.

In order to stay frosty nowadays, all personnel on base go through recurrent terrorism briefs and "loose lips sink ships" instructional gatherings. But it seems not only have the security postures tightened up, they've also outsourced who develops and gives the briefings, and expanded who makes the terrorist list (with a hat-tip to my friend @redlegtigger).

According to the reported "terrorist" briefing that was held recently at Fort Liberty, North Carolina, telltale signs of terrorist group involvement include pro-life license plates, or stickers on vehicles indicating approval of or membership in the National Right to Life organization or Operation Rescue.



...The organizations labeled by the army as terror organizations include National Right to Life and Operation Rescue. 

They also included a screenshot of a license plate with “IM4IT,” which is a plate many Pro-Life citizens put on their car which implies normal citizens are terrorists if they display this plate. 

The slide goes on to mention activities which these organizations participate in which include being Pro-Life, opposing Row v Wade, demonstrating and protesting (a 1st Amendment protected right), “Truth Displays,” and picketing.  

They also falsely attribute the bombing of abortion clinics to National Right to Life. 

Keep in mind they’re not labeling them as extremist organizations (which would still be crazy), but as terrorist organizations...

This was an official United States Army briefing. Oh, yes, it was. Proof's in the pudding further down.

Impeccably done presentation, too, I might add. Always top dollar paid for the best product available.


Wholly and utterly gobsmacking but totally in line with the Department of Justice and its current posture, no?

Well, yes.

The only thing missing is former Joint Chief head Milley's white ragers.

Do you know how this was confirmed as the Real McCoy?

When word about the indoctrination leaked out, it must have caused quite a commotion because two hours ago, the Fort Liberty public affairs office issued a curt little statement on Facebook.


So. What that translates to is this:

Some base employee was tasked with building a security briefing for guards who man checkpoints on base, and this civilian basically inserted all the latest DEI/woke/SPLC detritus into a terrorism PowerPoint presentation, which was then presented as gospel to the troops without ever once having a set of ARMY eyeballs on it for approval.

And not one officer or SNCO had the cajones to stand up in the middle of that briefing and say, "Now wait a GOTT danged minute"?!

Completely UNSAT. Completely inexcusable.

Leadership: not observed.

And nowhere in the statement does it say that this civilian is now unemployed or even has a sore peepee from a thorough whacking. In fact, there's no mention of any corrective action at all, other than from now on, an ARMY officer will supposedly do his/her/they/zir job and check materials before they are presented to soldiers.


Again, there is zero accountability for anything from anyone anymore.


How many people in this briefing were exposed to this horsepoopie? Had the slides been used previously? Is the Army apologizing to soldiers and their wives who might be, oh, I dunno, Christians or even atheist pro-lifers for labeling them as terrorists? For allowing them to be labeled as such because supposedly an ARMY officer of some description should have been monitoring said - apparently still employed - employee?

Inquiring minds want to know.

We'd really like to know whose side the Army's on. 

It's getting very confusing.

Why anyone would want their kid involved with this woke-asterisk clown show right now escapes me.

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