Si, Se Pudding! Doctor Jill ALL IN On POTATUS Reelection

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I don't expect every First Lady to be adorable, cuddly, or approachable - that's not how human beings are made. All I really ask is that they - hopefully - love their husbands, their families, and this country enough not to mind putting up with the crap that comes with the job. And that they fulfill the duties of their office with gracious pride in doing so, representing these United States as they do.


It takes a rare person to thrive gracefully in the position, especially these days. And if that wife is by nature a reticent homebody, it's a particularly challenging gig. Or if she's treated as abominably as a certain recent First Lady, whose incredible air of dignity overwhelmed all the petty slings and arrows she suffered and foiled their best efforts to diminish her radiant confidence.

It takes a rare and phenomenally strong woman to survive such ill use and emerge triumphant.

I get it and have always tried to cut most of our FLOTUSes a huss.

MOST of them.

Jill Biden is one of the outliers that I find difficu...forget it. I won't even go that far.

I can't stand her.

Biden's the PTA mother who's never there when volunteers are doing drudge work setting chairs or cleaning up afterward. But she sure can shove everyone out of the way when the local newspaper sends a reporter out for quotes about a successful event. You'd better pray you're not near the stage edge when she spots a camera and microphone, or you are for sure going over as she zeros in on her target.

Some girls just love the limelight.

If they can't get their own, they attach themselves like barnacles to whatever will draw them closer to something they feel is where they should rightfully be standing.

You could see it in her face when Joe Biden was forced to withdraw from the presidential race after his multiple exaggerations, lies, and plagiarism bubbled to the surface. As Hunter Thompson called him in a scathing expose, a "liar, a plagiarist and a dope" none of which ever changed.


Dr. Jill suggested he tell the world he was just "human" when asked to explain away his multiple exaggerations, lies, and plagiarisms.

Clever girl there. There's no point in completely torpedoing the grifter's chances, so why "admit" to something - he was young yet and might have another shot at the golden ring. Be "human."

Everybody cheats, lies, bloviates. It's "human."

And so he - they - did.

But this time, not only was POTATUS still a lying sack of egotistic bravado, Biden was now a cognitively compromised one. A man whose decline had to be hidden from the public at all costs lest they overcome their ingrained and rabid antipathy to the Bad Orange Man long enough to take a second glance at what they were proposing to vote for.

The Basement Mushroom Campaign was off and running, aided in its subterfuge by the COVID pandemic hysteria and the lovely DR. Jill's buying into selling her already half-baked husband to the country as the guy who would put the adults back in charge.

We got Dr Jill's husband, her, their derelict son, all his baggage, and the rest of the dysfunctional slag they brought with them.

We got the Biden version of decency in spades.

The liberal press went wild over her, almost as if going to make up for four years of stiff-arming an actual supermodel First Lady (who acted with complete class in whatever situation she found herself) had been too much for their tiny Prog brains to bear. Dr. Jill appeared in rags of assorted colors and various dizzying price points, and all were similarly swooned over by the fashionistas and sycophants on the Left. Regardless of how ill-fitting, inappropriate for Jill Biden's age, station, or even the event - when she was wearing whatever the couch cover of the day was, photos and coos fly.


It was and still is all fashion ambrosia to the press and sweet music to FLOTUS' ears.

It's an addictive power trip and she worked hard for it.

Biden has gadflied about the country in her husband's stead, speaking - often poorly - as his representative and keeping the progressive troops rallied, even as they keep the barely functioning geriatric in charge of the country as isolated as possible.

No Dr Jill gaff is too awful to overlook or make excuses for, be it breakfast tacos or repeatedly mangled Spanish.

The Democratic media and loyalists are mad for her and her for their accolades.

She IS the FLOTUS, after all and who do we think is keeping Gampie upright?

That rates a little something extra doesn't it?

I wonder why no one before a White House with Dr Jill inside came up with this idea.


Ghastly little ditty - like something that preceded a 1980's British series.

And what a shame it went away.

Further Update: April 13, 2022.

The U.S. Marine Band has retired “Fanfare for the First Lady” from its repertoire, the Washington Examiner has learned. The song was removed quietly following the publication of this article, a source said. One source attributed the decision to pull the composition from rotation to “negative” news coverage. We hope the first lady can forgive us for killing her entrance theme.

Well, you know who's not going away?

Jill Biden.

She and the crackhead have doubled down on feeding the old man whatever cookies he needs to get through to the finish line and keep them where they both need to be. Hunter for the protection, Jill for the power trip.

The pressure of the farce and the desperation to maintain the status quo is starting to wear on the ever-gracious Dr. Jill. There are fissures appearing in that facade.


She'll chalk it up to the pressure of everyone doubting her husband's competence. His fitness for the office he technically holds.

I most often hear Jill Biden compared to Edith Wilson, but that's wrong in my eyes. Her husband was compromised in office and I believe Edith did what she did as much out of love for him as anything else.

Jill Biden knows Joe Biden should never have run to begin with. 

We know who she's in this for. 

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