POTATUS Paying Off Student Loans and Paupering the Rest of Us

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Someone finally did some #mathz, and it pretty much confirms what POTATUS' unholy war on responsible borrowers and taxpayers is doing to responsible borrowers and taxpayers: indebting us further.


In the "obvious to us, not so much to the oblivious gimme-gimmes," the unending handouts are starting to tote up on the national balance sheet and are definitely in the wrong column.

This still has to be explained to people - with college loans we all just collectively ate - like they were five.

Oh, indeed. Money to buy votes and singlehandedly implode the deficit was certainly well spent.

The federal budget deficit will hit $1.9 trillion this fiscal year, according to an updated projection released Tuesday by the Congressional Budget Office. That’s 27% – or $400 billion – larger than the agency estimated in February.

Looking longer term, the nation’s debt will approach $57 trillion in fiscal year 2034, nearly $2.5 trillion higher than previously projected, as spending on Social Security, Medicare and interest payments soar and revenues fail to keep pace. The growing imbalance is expected to loom large over upcoming congressional budget and tax battles.

Most of the spike in the fiscal 2024 deficit stems from four factors that are expected to boost projected spending. The largest is a $145 billion increase due to changes the Biden administration made to student loan repayment plans and a new, proposed forgiveness program that would waive some accrued interest for millions of borrowers. The latter has yet to be finalized but could take effect as soon as this fall.


And that SCOTUS Lefties are always squawking about? Hah. What SCOTUS?


...unless their side is working around it. Then who needs some stinking "law"?

What really irks the crap out of me is the absolute turds doing their toadying best "thanking" Gampie for paying off their legally incurred financial obligations.

I didn't sign those papers, nor do I have a degree...but now I get to pay for how many of them?

Neither did you.

And here we are, getting our middle-class, pay-our-bills noses rubbed in their slacker good fortune by people like this reprobate loser.


So he couldn't poop $589 a year on his own. What - does he work at a McDonald's not in California for minimum wage handing apple pies out at the counter? Perhaps does seasonal yard maintenance and small engine repair?

Oh, if only. 

Mr. Kames works for YOUR tax dollars already...

...and could well have forked over almost $600 a year to pay this off by writing checks deposited into his account from his at least $90K a year federal salary (Sen Marcy Kaptur's office) and mailed from the almost $600K home he lives in.


If that's his folks' home, this is even more unconscionable.

But, no.

Mr. Kamens let the big federal money tree drop largesse leaves all over his lawn rather than be a responsible citizen for even the smallest personal obligation.

That's who these people are and there are a lot of them.

Resentment, such as I harbor in my cold and cynical heart, is becoming more widespread the more POTATUS waves magic money wands over different groups of supplicant heads and declares them "debt-free." 

Liberal news outlets are beginning to take notice and wonder if schmaybe, just schmaybe, that's feeding into Biden's lackluster popularity with voters, too. 

Polls are showing the give-aways aren't all that popular even, surprisingly enough, with some of the recipients themselves. They'll take it, I guess, but at least they recognize Dems are shamelessly trying to purchase the White House again.

As he campaigns for reelection, President Joe Biden frequently touts his work on student debt, pointing to the millions of people who received cancellation under his watch. Yet relatively few Americans say they’re fans of his work on the issue, even among those who have student loans.

Three in 10 U.S. adults say they approve of how Biden has handled the issue of student loan debt, while 4 in 10 disapprove, according to a new poll from the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy and The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. The others are neutral or don’t know enough to say.

The outlook wasn’t much better for the Democratic president among those responsible for unpaid student loan debt, either for themselves or for a family member.


CNBC, for instance, was concerned enough to take a psychological dive into "Why you so mad, bro?" It went about where you'd expect.

It took Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin around 30 years to pay off his $100,000 student loan balance. He told CNBC that he wonders why other borrowers should just get their debt wiped away and has battled President Joe Biden’s efforts to cancel the loans.

...When Marlon Fox, a chiropractor in North Charleston, South Carolina, got his $119,500 student debt forgiven last year, he didn’t tell many people his story. He lives in a mostly Republican area where there is deep skepticism toward forgiving the debt of those who’ve benefited from higher education.

“They say, ‘Hey, you got your school loans paid off? That’s unfair,’” Fox told CNBC last year.

They pay lip service to old-timey notions of fulfilling obligations, and then it quickly devolves into a partisan piece on "the lenders made me do it..."

...“Lenders and businesses — especially now, given how much of our consumption is propped up by debt —profit from people taking out debt and feeling obligated to pay it back,” she said. “So, they encourage us to take out as much debt as we can possibly bear, and then insist that it would be morally wrong not to repay it.”

...uneducated Republicans are mean...

...“Statistically, a higher percentage of Democratic voters graduated from a four-year college and attended graduate school. So student loan forgiveness may affect more Democrats than Republicans directly.”

“The fact that most Americans don’t have a college degree may also mean that many resist loan forgiveness because student debt is not their problem and so forgiveness does not appear to directly benefit them,” said Singh, whose work has included explorations of the intersection of religion with politics and with economics.

...“Democrats may express views about education contributing to the public good and supporting an engaged citizenry. Some who oppose student loan forgiveness view education as a private commodity that benefits the person who purchases it.”


...and fairness, because, you know - older folks didn't have to have loans to pay for school. That's why we so bitchy now about it.

...“A lot of people have trouble putting themselves in the shoes of a student loan borrower if they haven’t been one,” he said. “There’s a generational gap. A lot of older Americans didn’t have to borrow to go to college.”

Raise your hand if you didn't have loans because you couldn't afford to go to school, period.

*Beege waves madly from the corner*

The free ride these sluggards are being handed is quite a slice of the pie.

Hopefully, there are some remedies for this revolting state of affairs if, God willing, we defeat the dementia-riddled sack of carbon in November.

The IRS trigger makes me very happy.

It would be a good start.

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