Mayor Adams Is Not a Mask Fan

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He is joining New York Governor Kathy Hochul on the "ban the masks on the subway" platform, and maskholes are goin' bonkers in Yonkers, Bronx and beyond.



Mask addict Taylor Lorenz was unavailable for comment. 

But she'll be sniveling again when she hears about this.

The big driver for this 180° reversal from those dearly held memories of forced COVID masking of even tiny NY kiddos... all due to the behavior of those cheerful, freedom-loving Palestinian Hamashole mobs. The keffiyeh-wrapped urban terrorists who, as they're leaving a protest, swarm the subway platforms and crowd into the cars. While inside they've been taking great pleasure in harassing and threatening regular people in the subterranean hell that is a New York subway ride.


As if the ride wouldn't be any worse worrying about some homeless whackjob shivving you, now you have to face down these miserable POSs. And, since they're masked/wrapped like Hamas mummies, a lot of good the subway surveillance does you IF you can find a transit cop to complain to.

Nobody can tell who the scummy twerps were.

So Hochul and Adams have joined forces in at least a gesture of resistance to the Palestinian sympathizing mobs they've let run rampant in the city.

Adams' language is already telling you he knows it's going to be a fight.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said on Monday he is a strong supporter of Governor Kathy Hochul's proposal to ban face masks at protests and on the city's subways, sparking backlash across social media on Tuesday.

..."We will not tolerate individuals using masks to evade responsibility for criminal or threatening behavior. My team is working on a solution. But on a subway, people should not be able to hide behind a mask to commit crimes," Hochul said, adding, "We understand how complex this issue is, and we're just listening to people and addressing their needs and taking them very seriously."


There's also a difference between a medical mask and being swathed with cloth, but I'm sure I'm putting too fine a point on it. These hate merchants will do whatever it takes to stay anonymous.

Cuomo suspended NY's circa 1800s anti-mask law so he could mandate mask-wearing during COVID. 

And now here we are.

Hochul doesn't have the backbone or the intellectual firepower to simply un-suspend anything. 

But, hello - before COVID, no one went to jail for wearing a medical mask, law or not.

What would be so hard about simply reverting to the former vice picking and choosing masking circumstances?

The only thing I can think of is that the powers that be want to keep their mandating options open...just in case...if you get my drift.

Nah. What am I saying?

That's crazy talk.

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