Beege LIVE BLOG: No Raspberries - We're Cheering Trump in the Bronx

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That was quite the wrap-up and never once did his energy flag. I honestly didn't get any sense of even one of those Trumpian moments where he stepped on his wang going off-message. This was a pure appeal to his audience and damn if he didn't know them right down to the numbers on the curb.


He was engaging, informed, made his case in an appealing, relatable manner, and, again, the energy contrast is just off the frickin' charts.

Don't give me the side-eye here, but I want to say something that has me really unsettled, and it started after the Trump numbers began climbing like there was no tomorrow. I talked about this with little brother Crusader today, too, and he's worried as well.

I am so concerned about Trump's safety, more so every day. More so the next poll that comes out with another 3 or 5 points more of a lead in a state he shouldn't even be registering. I am terrified for him after he fearlessly goes into these formerly forbidden zones and shakes the rafters with roars of approval from tens of thousands of formerly cowed citizens in those dark blue boroughs and counties. The Democratic machine has thrown everything at him, pooped all over the Constitution to put him away, and the American people have seen through it - are seeing through it. Are remembering what life was like just a few short years ago - not decades, but four measly years ago. And they now know how fragile our way of life and freedoms truly are, because they're being stripped from us by the hour.

Democrats cannot allow that awakening. If you think their rhetoric is insane now, wait until their mutual psychosis can feed itself in Chicago. Along with the whackjobs who sit glued to MSNBCs hate-rants in the dark in a Cheetos and catpiss-saturated room, fantasizing about what they can do to be a hero to Joy Reid.

Hamasholes and hate make life very unpleasant now. It pains me to say that I believe the progressives will ensure it becomes downright dangerous for many of us who just want our country back, but my spidey senses say "All signs point to YES."

The greatest tragedy would be something happening to Trump and they know. It would also be the worst miscalculation since someone took a potshot at a resupply ship at Fort Sumter. But remember, they did it anyway.

After watching him tonight, the literally rainbow coalition in the audience, onstage, and his messaging discipline - dear Lord.

The Left will soon be a trapped wild animal, and as dangerous, because they know?

We can do this.

Thanks you all for being with me tonight.

Now get out of here.


We will make America great again...God bless everybody.


Proud to call our home, our town, pour cit. Hardworking patriots like you whobuilt our city. Hard working patriots like you who are going to save our country. Too big to rig working together there is nothing we cannot do.

7:58 Rattles off tons of NY greats, workers and skilled craftsmen building the skyscrapers, Times Square and Broawya..oh this is a love letter to HIS city

We are going to have the 4 greatest years, hit radical Islamists, Social Security safe, free speech, school choice, no COVID vaccine or mask mandates, Marxists out of classrooms, men out of women's sports, secure elections, saving Newyork and saving America all starts with telling Joe Biden GET OUT, If you want to help you have to vote. Don't assume it doesn't matter because you live in a blue city. Must work as a team. We have numbers no one's seen before.

Trump thanking everyone. Again, it was a LOVEFEST

Holy smokes. Rappers. Get READY TO HIT THE MUTE, lol, "President Trump, Oh man. Trump gonna shout the wins for all of us"

7:52 Now Donalds. There's more of them here than an hour an a half ago!

Democrat cong there, Ruben Diaz to speak - black Puerto Rican. 

Today I've here what I want to tell you, I want to apologise to you for the conduct of Judge Marchan. He's being used to destroy you. We know better than that. As a minister, I want to tell AOC *LOTS OF BOOS* this morning she intended to become a profit. And she said even God doesn't want Trump in the Bronx. It's going to rain. Madame profit AOC - you have become a false profit. Look at what a beautiful day.Not only WE want Trump in the Bronx, but I would humbly say even God wants Trump in the Bronx. I want to close by saying Mr President I want to join you in having the Bronx great again.,Please accept this black puerto Rican Democrat with kinky hair...

Oh, man. That was something.

7:46 Talking about mentally ill on streets, move them off the streets "into a place where they can get the help they desperately need"

Right now, you don't have public spaces they're occupied by migrants in tents. You're lifestyle and the American Dream will come back.

Says he'll indemnify cops against action. Death penalty for cop killers

7:43 I will not sit by and accept this reckless insanity. Marxist da's etc

We have to get this absolute disaster, the worst president. The only person happy about Biden is Jimmy carter. Biden makes him look brilliant


7:41 There is no way watching this guy get out of an airplane or falling up stairs - no one falls up stairs - you're not gonna vote for him

"You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in"

OMG progs and media gonna lose their tiny pinheads over Trump calling illegals vicious snakes

7:36 Talking about a song "The Snake" and now reading it.

Biden puts aliens first I put America first

7:35 OMG he just called greasy Gavin "Gov NewScum"

We have languages where there's nobodyu on OUR country who speaks these languages

7:33 Every state is now a border state In my opinion `16-17 million people

New category of violence is 'migrant crime' Venezuela has had a 72% reduction in violent crime, emptying their prisons and dumping them in the US. If I headed up Honduras - not just SoAm they come from all over the world - large numbers of people are coming in from China. 19-25 - I think they're building an Army. I think they want to get us from within. This is not like an illegal immigrant. We're gonna end all that stuff.

We're not going to let them come in and take out city and our country away from us. They canNOT stay we will immediately begin the largest criminal deportation operation in our country's history.

7:30 Really you have to be the party of common sense, Dems are the party of failure and gross incompetence

Set your sites high. Take pride in your accomplishments, go forward.

7:24 We have to make it too big to rig. One of the things you need with success is momentum and we need momentum.

A lady seems to have had some sort of issue and Trump has asked for a Dr. He's watching like a hawk and thanking everyone, assuring them they have "plenty of time." "She doing alright? She doing okay? Thank you."

I love my husband. He just brought me dinner and a fresh quaff. That's me, not Trump.

7:16 Nice nice story about his dad.

He's not slowing down a lick. 

I can tell you if you didn't work really hard I wouldn't be standing here right now.

He says I'm ODd on Trump. I believe in the expression the harder you work the luckier you get. 

7:12 I'm so tired of politics, can we devote 6 minutes to success? He's talking to the young kids. And taking shots at the election., but funny ones.

7:11 He believes many of the hostages are dead and it's a horrible thing. Where Hamas is not giving them back. It would have never happened.

When I was president Iran was broke. I told China you won't do biz in the US if you do business with Iran. Biden takes all the sanctions off.Rattles off the billions of dollars we've paid Iran now for hostages, etc,


It's called peace through strength

7:06 We never got the credit and we HAD NO WARS. First president in 78 years that didn't start a war

7:06 Our side is much bigger than their side. We're much more quiet but when we get going we're much tougher. Mildly leaning Democrats, can we get together?

Good reach out there.

Drill baby drill enters the room Remember it was his stupid energy policies that caused this inflation

Says Biden has cost NY househholds $24K. $1K a month. He calls it the Biden inflationary cost. Replace it with MAGAnomics

7:05 Talking about Mexico extorting Biden for $20B now "Slight difference would you say?" and lists everything POTATUS gave up

Hey - Someone said Fox cut away. I'm watching the RSBN YouTube feed and they're doing a great job. They've also got a Ruymble channel

7:00 Telling the remain in Mexico and catch and release in Mexico anecdote

6:57 Shout out to ICE and border Talking about them selling the wall materials for 5 cents a foot. I want to thank Mexico Nobody wants to send anybody back but we have no choice.

Rattling off the numbers now and hitting the border. The biggest impact is against the blacks and Hispanic Americans losing everything. That's the biggest impact. 

6:55 Best poverty rate in terms of positive number for black Americans and real middle class income rose $6K a year

We all want more opportunity. I'm not going to promise it, I'm going to deliver it

6:53 We're going to let the transit cops do their stuff. We're going to make life in NY affordable. The minute crroked Joe shuffles out the door we're going to rebuild the greatest economy again. We had no inflation Doesn't matter whatever the hell color you are - we are all Americans and we are going to pull together as Americans

6"52 We're taking back our parks for everybody. Take back our subways that now look like they haven't been cleaned since 1932

When Biden't finished with his 2 minute speeches he can never find the stairs. This is not what we need with all these people at the top of their games. 

6;51 I'm gonna call your mayor and governor and tell them we're going to help. Doesn't matter it's about the people

Biden can't do it - he doesn't know he's alive

We had four the greatest years in our country's history. We defeated ISIS. We have an incredible military. They had Afghanistan, probably a reason Russia went into Ukraine. It wouldn't have happened


Lots of energy and crowd is all four more years right now

6:48 Talking about the debate now "Think they'll be fair" He saying they thought he'd reject Fake Tapper and I'LL take it!

Said they offered tables so they could all sit down

Donald Trump spoke to a very small hostile crowd.

I think he could probably not rattle off everything he did in New York. Although the dig about building the Javits Center and Hillary's party that was a nice shot.

Still telling contracting in NEw York stories

6:39 Just took a shot at the judge.

"Do we have any Teamsters here?" Oh smart smart smart talking about working with them for the concrete on the rink. And of course tons of hoots from Teamsters in the audience.

6:37 Telling the ice rink anecdote and how they told him to use rubber hose "I like that that's cheaper" in that Trump accent. Hilarious.

Welp. So much for 2500 people

6;34 You know if we win NY we win the whole thing. Wouldn't that be nice. We're gonna get in there very fast with people who were tested and true. We learned a lot

6;33 What a crowd. We wanted to keep if small who knew? It's like above fest.

Oh that ate that up

Joe Biden isn't getting the job done as I did for 4 years. If a NYer can't save this country no one can

6:32 USA USA and they mean it We love Trump and they mean that too

Giving America the middle finger but we are not going to let this continue.

6:30 Sadly this is a city in decline. Ive; seen ny thru good times and bad but never like this. Drug out homeless people where children used to play, lunatics pushing people onto tracks - don't worry it gets positive

He's on fire

NY history now. Dutch in 1624, the genius of the people of New York We, WE, WE none of that Obama BS ME

We inspired the world



Safety, success to our schools, reduce taxes, bring big taxpayers back to NY

6:27 Holy smokes this is a roar coming out and he just thanked the cops every first thing

"Here we are in the Bronx - Who would think. The city I helped build" BRILLIANT

Just as I say that, here Trump comes. They are gonna go APE

6:23 Oh, boy - look what David found. The natives really are pissy!

And I broke down and filled a glass. I can't sit here empty handed. By the way the interviews on RBSN have been pretty great. They're just wandering the crowd talking to folks. The New York accents

6:15 I've got a two different feeds going, 1 on Fox Nation which is just the podium, and the other is a YouTube RSBN live feed. I'm assuming Fox will cut to it when Trump actually gets there.

6:12 Woof. That music is a little spicey they're playing. He'll definitely have the rapper cowboy vote sewn up. YOICKS

6:06 Wish they had a way to show his motorcade thru Manhattan to the Bronx. I'd like to see if there are any folks on the sidewalks.

6:04 Looks like Byron Donalds up at the podium now. Trump still on his way.

These stories are nice.

6:01 Okay looks like Fox is going to work it into Brett Baier's show. I'm listening to an X cast

Had a good crowd even at Trump Towers.

He's on his way

5:52 Here's hoping Fox has it. The place looks packed - they're saying 30,000 people already. Curious to see what the official crowd counts comes out as. Already rocketed past that 25-5000 mark.


I have been watching and waiting on this thing all week. I think it's a monstrously bold idea, and totally based.

It looks as if all the fervent hopes for New Yorkers to turn their back on Trump may be just that many prog fever dreams, judging by this size of this here line - already massive about a half an hour ago. And that's with 3 hours to the rally.


Somebody got to be having herself the hissy fit from hell at the crowd and the weather, no?

It's kind of interesting, the historical parallels people are making, too. When I asked about doing this, we got talking, and Karen noted "comparison being made about Reagan campaigning in NY on 1980 and Trump going there now."

It's wild when you think about how long it's been - going to New York is like going into the wilderness with a pocketknife for a Republican. No one will ever confuse the two presidents, but they both have a lot of backbone going for them and a willingness to take it to the enemy.

Although the styles are for sure 180 out, lol.

I wish we'd had more time to warn y'all but I just thought of doing it.

Lemme repeat my long-standing rules of engagement.

Alrighty, you guys - at a couple of minutes to 6 pm EST, I will kick this pig and make sure it is refreshing and scrolling.

*I will also have a full glass of cabernet, with the bottle standing by

And I'll hang around as long as I can stand not getting dinner.

The rules are simple:

1) Be nice to each other

2) Don't you dare say a word about any spelling or grammatical errors as I'll be typing like a fiend, not to mention trying to visit with you guys in the comments

3) See Rule #2


This should be fun.

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