Solar Panels Spark Hot in Australia as Energy Companies Start Charging Owners For Excess Power Generation

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Didn't I just say the other day that everything Green touches soon turns to something brown?

This is another incredible example.

Australia's been going gangbusters on the solar power, even to the point of losing what little arable land they have to dump millions of solar panels on top.


Massive farms, which, in Green schemes' contradictory nature, help exacerbate the problem they're supposed to be helping.

Like, it's not hot enough there already?

Anyway, the loony fascists who Australians keep electing and allowing to beat them into submission (on any number of fronts) continue to march forward, destroying their uniquely dangerous paradise in the name of all things climate cult.

Residents pay hefty power bills even when wholesale energy costs fall.

The wholesale price of electricity in Australia is roughly three times cheaper than it was two years ago, according to new data from the Australian Energy Regulator, but retailers are still jacking up their prices.

The regulator's Wholesale Markets Quarterly Report for the first quarter of 2024 shows that wholesale energy prices have fallen about two thirds from recent highs in 2022.

However, Queensland Conservation Council energy strategist Claire Silcock said those savings were not being reflected in people's power bills.

"The retail price is going up in Queensland next year because there's still a lot of risk for retailers that there will be periods of extreme high prices," Ms Silcock said.

"They're managing that risk and not passing those wholesale power price reductions on to consumers."

With such abundant sunlight and the exorbitant and unreliable grid many of them face, solar installations on their homes made sense as a way to cut costs and keep their own lights on.

"Made" being the operative word.

As with all things that give the average consumer a break, Australians are soon going to find out that the solar panels on their roof churning out electricity are going to become an expensive liability unless they can control the sun from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


How are you supposed to control what the uncontrollable sun does to what you've got installed on your roof?

Well, now you've got to buy a battery to store all that excess power generated during the sunniest part of the day, if you don't want to pay a premium for it. And if you want to export it during the evening, which is when it's convenient for the power company but not so much for your rooftop solar array.

See how this works?

Batteries are expensive, hello - up to $10K or more. And I'll bet there was no mention of batteries or excess power when these systems were first installed. (As we've discussed before, here in NW FL, if you're hooked into the grid, you cannot have a battery for storage that is hooked directly into your array. It has to be hooked into the grid, so what good is any of that?).

Consumer groups are going bonkers, but the power companies have customers by the short wires. The answer being floated to the battery problem is - surprise  - government subsidies for battery purchases!


Where have they heard that before?


Nothing like getting sold a shiny good deal until you get popped in the chops.

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