Loophole: Mexico Facilitating Illegals Getting Legal Plates and Registrations on Vehicles in Florida

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We've long known Mexico is not our friend. From Vicente Fox telling W that the US was Mexico's "pressure relief valve" to Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's flat-out blackmail for more money and visas in return for doing their part on their side of the border on immigration enforcement, administration after administration in Mexico has played most American presidents like fiddles.


When they haven't been openly defiant or demanding, they've either worked covertly or averted their eyes to whatever kept the cartels and illegals attempting crossings happy, which kept their always tenuous grip on power as secure as it could be.

The Mexican government is always on the lookout for an opportunity to exploit both sides of the illegal issue if they can. Any US enforcement measures are inevitably "racist," while Mexican officials scan the horizon for any means to facilitate more of their citizens exiting Mexico in order to work in the US and send those much-needed gringo dollars back home.

The Mexican economy would collapse without those money orders and transfers arranged every payday at post offices and online across the country.

Take the Mexican consulate in Miami, for a subversive example. The consul general there, Juan Sabines Guerrero, has a real problem with the efforts made by Gov Ron DeSantis and the Florida legislature to control the flow of illegal immigrants into the state and combat the effects.

...Guerrero, a former governor of the Mexican state of Chiapas, has expressed his opposition to Florida’s actions surrounding illegal immigration.

He referred to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ singing of a 2023 bill enhancing E-Verify requirements and imposing more illegal immigration restrictions as “anti-immigrant” and “racist.”

The counsel general also made an effort to support unauthorized migrants who were charged with crimes associated with the legislation, which he argued was “clearly illegal and overbearing.”


The problem with advocates like Guerrero is that they don't stop at just running their mouths. They actively look for every opportunity to circumvent the laws of the United States in order to facilitate what Mexico needs, which is unfettered migration through our porous border. Once in, Mexico needs illegals to be able to remain and work.

As tight as the laws are in FL, Guerrero seems to have found a loophole he's been busy exploiting as fast as his diplomatic paws can sign the paperwork.

While it's true an illegal cannot legally get a driver's license in FL, nothing says they can't get plates and registration for a personal vehicle.


This is about what Alex Andrade, my state representative, had as a reaction when he started getting reports from our neighboring county about illegals driving vehicles that were legally registered in their names.

...Andrade initially raised awareness on the issue after the Santa Rosa County Sheriffs office reported an uptick in arrests of illegal immigrants during traffic stops who didn’t have a drivers license, but were driving legally registered vehicles under their names.

Wait a second. How does this happen? Where do they get a piece of paper that doesn't automatically flag them as in the country illegally to begin with?


All arrows pointed right back to the Mexican consulates in South Florida.

..."The reason for this uptick is by rule here in Florida," he added. "Our tax collector who issues a license plate tag and title are required by rule to accept a passport as a valid form of identification for issuing tag and title. What that means is they can't check for citizenship or whether someone has a drivers license. So as long as they have a passport, they can get their tag and title."

Andrade says tax collectors are reporting an influx of illegal immigrants obtaining passports at Mexican consulates in Orlando and Miami. The issue has reportedly prompted top lawmakers in the state to seek answers.

Slick, huh?

And while you have to have proof of insurance to register that car in the state when you present your request to do so at the tax collector's office, nothing says you can't let it lapse two weeks after you walk out of that same office. How are they going to find you? You're illegal to begin with. You have no driver's license to suspend.

Oh, yeah - there's a problem, big time.

...It's not against the law for illegal immigrants to own property, including vehicles in the U.S.

However, Andrade says this loophole allows someone to bypass normal requirements, appearing to be legitimate.

"When you issue that license plate, you make it look like it's someone whose checked all the boxes, including having a drivers license and being in the country legally," he said. "And unfortunately right now that's not the case."

...Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson released a statement Monday afternoon saying, “It is concerning to me as a Florida citizen that when I go to get my tag, I have to show a valid Florida drivers license and proof of insurance. But if I'm not a U.S. citizen, all I have to do is show a passport and they get a tag issued."


Andrade, along with other FL legislators (including one who lost her son to an auto accident involving an illegal), is going to push for emergency action on the governor's part to shut down the loophole.

...Andrade argued the solution to the problem is both a state and federal issue.

He plans on getting connected with the governor’s office to address the issue as soon as possible, emphasizing the danger of having illegal immigrants driving on Florida roads.

“They can issue right now an emergency order, an emergency rule on issuing tag and title, to modify it and say unless there’s some type of proof of residency or proof of a drivers license or some type of proof that you’re not here in the country illegally, you can’t get your license plate,” he said.

“Almost every day, you pick up a newspaper and see another story about an illegal immigrant driving and getting involved in an accident,” he added. “If they don’t have an incentive for car insurance, which they don’t, and they don’t have a drivers license, this is something that has to be addressed.”

As disgusting as the entire episode has been revealed to be, he'll get no help out of the federal side of the house. The Democrats are too invested in this deluge of bodies continuing unimpeded.

Should Trump manage to get elected, this incident would be one more totally legitimate tickee in Mexico's debit column for him to hammer them with.


I would love to see it.

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