German Climate Cultists Attacking a Tesla Factory? I Thought EVs Were Copasetic

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Would someone please point me in the direction of the last san...never mind. After what they've willingly done to their economies and their fellow citizens, there obviously isn't one unaltered, functioning brain cell between them.


But I sure am dying to know WHY IN THE SAM HELL these eco-terrorist Malthusian cult members are now attacking the manufacturer of something they themselves have forced down our throats?

Honest to God - I can't keep up with their schizophrenic demands, hysterical doomsday assertions, and phobias.


In today's episode of Climate Tantrums and Hypocrisies, Tesla has raised the violent ire of locals and the Europeans' peculiar breed of engaged climate activists not by building a factory near Berlin - it's been there since 2022 - but because Tesla wants to expand it. 

The sticking point, you see, is that in order to enlarge the plant, they have to cut down trees in the neighboring forest. This same plant's already been the target of one sabotage attempt, when parties unknown blew a nearby transformer.

...Tesla opened its so-called gigafactory in 2022 near Berlin and has since planned a significant expansion to increase its battery storage capacity. But the plans have drawn the ire of environmental activists angry that the expansion would clear swathes of nearby forests. Local residents voted against the expansion and environmental activist groups have taken significant action to protest the plant, including by occupying the nearby forests. In March, a suspected arson attack at the site set fire to a transformer and temporarily cut the plant’s power. Friday’s protests had been expected—the company had instructed all of its employees to stay home and shut down production for the day with the protests looming, according to CNN.


Today, they decided to charge the gate. They managed to get through a perimeter fence. 

...The Brandenburg Police Department confirmed on X, formerly Twitter, that multiple people attempted to gain access to the Tesla factory, but disputed initial reports that protesters had succeeded, claiming police had “been able to prevent them from entering so far.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and the facility’s senior director, Andre Thierig, similarly confirmed that protesters did not get on site despite the clashes with police, with Musk tweeting “protesters did not manage to break through the fenceline.”

German police don't mess around.

They all wore masks, mind you. They must have known it was going to be dusty.

[correction]Die polizei herded the hordes of thuglets none too gently back the way they came.


At the same time, their compatriots were busted trying to tie up an airfield where Teslas are shipped out. The attackers had no compunctions about including the use of random, flying "pyrotechnics" to enhance their display. Those are known to always mix well with aircraft safety and jet fuel.

These scummy twits really work hard to meet the technical definition of "terrorist," don't they?

...Activists also attempted to block the former airfield in Neuhardenberg on Friday, where Tesla cars are temporarily parked, adding to the tensions surrounding the company’s operations. The police reported the ignition of pyrotechnics, intensifying concerns over the security situation.

Multiple arrests have been made, with a significant police presence both in front of the factory and in the area of Grünheide. Police have deployed water cannons within the factory premises.

Man - the absolute hypocrisy of this charge of the light brain brigade. Where were these same stormtroopers last year when a genuinely ancient forest - 5000 hectares of it - was being leveled for a frickin' wind farm? I mean, the Green Party themselves ASKED FOR IT!

A large area of Reinhardswald, an ancient German forest featured in the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, is being partially cut down in favour of 241-metre tall wind turbines.

Following a months-long construction freeze, administrative courts have allowed heavy machinery to raze parts of the forest, including some trees that are more than 200 years old.

Around 120,000 trees in the 200km² mountainous woodland in the Weser Uplands in the district of Kassel, Hesse, are said to have been condemned to the axe.

The destruction comes at the request of the Green Party, citing the need for more “green” energy as a reason. Mayors in the vicinity are opposing the move.


I guess Elon doesn't virtue signal enough, and not all Green is equal?

The latest count estimates about 1200 of the pathetic creatures were running across the field.

You can lay money 90% of them couldn't give a flying crap about the environment. They were there for the riot and to follow the 10% of professional communist, anti-capitalist agitators who are always the organizers of these progressive playdates.

Ah. There we go - as suspected. The climate cult excuse is nada but bull Schlitz.

It does put a good dent in their arguments this is all to save the planet. 

I sincerely hope there were some good dents in anarchist heads to go along with it.

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