Don't Tease: Glimmer of San Fran Sanity - Bridge Protestors Might Catch 'False Imprisonment' Charges?

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This news has to be coming as something of a shock to the spoiled children who shut down traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge as part of a nationwide, orchestrated Hamashole tantrum.


What the San Francisco cadre did was drive out, jump out in the middle, and chain themselves together to barrels, blocking lanes in one direction. Doing so during the morning rush hours.

Soon police had to shut down the opposing lanes - rumor had it to protect the protesters from getting thumped by irate drivers - so the bridge traffic came to a screeching halt in both direction for something close to four hours.

Thousands upon thousands of people had their commute interrupted by these petulant twits.

One fellow interviewed by Fox spoke for dang near everyone in his anger over the shutdown.

A Bay Area commuter harshly criticized the recent anti-Israel protest that blocked traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge for hours, calling it "such an inconvenience and very devastating" for people trying to get into San Francisco to work and make ends meet. 

Ronald Davis, who commutes daily from Novato, California, to San Francisco, described to Fox News Digital the frustration he felt while forced to wait six hours on the landmark bridge as protesters chanted "Free Palestine" and blocked traffic. 

"You know, a lot of us were just trying to get home or get to work or get to the doctors, or mothers trying to take their kids to school. It was such an inconvenience to all of us, and I just don't feel like that was an appropriate way to protest," Davis said.


It had to be disheartening to hear that those Hamasholes who'd been pulled out of the traffic lanes and off the bridge were released. The city's district attorney, Brook Jenkins, "didn't have enough evidence" to charge them.

There was an admittedly lighthearted moment to be had listening to one of the drama queens squealing as San Fran cops worked to free his arm from a barrel. A Golden Gate Golden Globe award-winning performance right here.

But the good citizens were in for a very un-San Francisco-like law enforcement shock as far as their ruined morning went. The San Fran DA was fixin' to fire up an investigation and she needed input from everyone and anyone who had been on that bridge or trapped in the traffic to build a case. Their stories would be her evidence.

San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins urged anyone delayed by protests that shut down the Golden Gate Bridge on Monday to file a report to authorities because they may be victims of false imprisonment and entitled to restitution. 

The bridge was closed for several hours after demonstrators chained themselves to parked cars to prevent vehicles from passing, part of coordinated regional protests to oppose U.S. support for Israel that also temporarily blocked Interstate 880 in both directions. 

Jenkins, who is considering charges against the Golden Gate Bridge protesters, urged anyone detained on the bridge to contact the California Highway Patrol’s Marin Division at 415-924-1105 or [email protected]. Commuters were asked to provide their contact information and a detailed statement about how they were impacted by the blockade, she said. 

“You may be entitled to restitution and have other victims’ rights,” Jenkins said Tuesday afternoon at a news conference. 

Jenkins joined Gov. Gavin Newsom and others in denouncing the protesters’ actions. The governor said he had received calls from Bay Area residents caught in traffic during the protest as they drove children to school, rushed to medical appointments or frantically tried to get to work on time.


Not only was DA Jenkins appealing for witness testimonies, she's also gotten the Marin County office of the CA Highway Patrol involved.

She's not bluffing for the cameras, either, as you might think a SF politician would do. There are already has 78 Palestinian protestors from a previous bridge shutdown in November being forced to pay restitution to avoid going to trial. There is only one person receiving the restitution, though, because that's the only person who was willing to come forward in court.

This time, there are 26 protesters, and I don't think she's going to have any problems finding people to testify to their damages and emotional suffering thanks to the actions of these malicious clowns.

There's also a question of going after the group these Hamasholes are affiliated with. There are some deep pockets funding all this, and they are as culpable as the idiot screaming with his arm in a barrel.


If more DA's like Jenkins in these blue cities start going after the storm troops and the money, this will dry up pretty quickly.

But I see no sign of that anywhere yet but San Francisco, and even her efforts are hamstrung by local laws. It seems they have to allow the damage to be done first as opposed to preventing it to begin with.

Backward is as backward does.

Maybe one day, they'll get around to protecting the citizens first. 

At least this is a start.

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